So if u all remember im the mom who….LOST MY SHIT last Friday with my daughter.

Well today…out of nowhere she was sitting on the couch with me and she did something amazing.
Leaned across my lap..looked up at me..pointed and said mamma with her bunny teeth in sight!!!
Never in my life did I ever think something so small could melt me!!I literally felt my chest go like jelly and my heart melt (maybe its the meds im on who knows).

We all brag and ask for advice on here or even fight…..but we need to post those random pictures we so proud of..those pix that make us melt..why not?? I vented on Saturday morning about loosing my shit…….and I still feel horrible but you know what? You mom’s were right!!!she has clearly forgotten about it!!
For the first time in a week I have felt well enough to cuddle and kiss her and hold her without feeling im going to infect her and man did it feel amazing!!!
This girl is my drug..shes my cure…shes my purpose…shes my everything…..shes MY DAUGHTER!!!!

You moms are all amazing……every small bit of what you do makes a big difference in your child’s life!!!!!!Thank you for all the amazing comments to my last looong post last week:) keep up the amazing work…Super stars!!!!!!!

Ps heres the face of the girl who made me loose my shit


Today I lost my sh&%!!!!

There are times in parent hood where u simply fall apart….im serious….if u havent yet its still coming. If you have then you know what im talking about.
You’re exhausted,you pull in too many directions and get pushed too far. It always builds up with lack of sleep,always being needed,no help in your household,life stress etc.

The bad part about loosing your shit is that it makes everyone else makes you look like a mental person. Being a new parent I have been edging on the cliff of loosing my shit, ive been strong for 9 months ive tried to be the best mom I can be……but today I really lost my shit…and thanks to that one moment of snapping I cannot sleep.
I have been man down with bronchitis…..not having a voice and being too ill to even care about my appearance… throat is so sore id do a c section 10x over!!!! And here I expect my precious daughter who is 9 months to understand why I am so crabby and ill, how stupid of me!here I expect her to understand why I cant pick her up or not look or breath in her direction for the fear she will get this sick as shes just overcome being sick.

Today I moaned at my daughter (or attempted to) that I had her in tears for 10 mins because she was whining all day….and yes I lost my shit and man did I feel like a dog for doing so!
Many mom’s who have lost babies…..encountered misscarriage wish they had a baby to love and hold and wish to go through this and here I abused my privilege as a mother…..I am ashamed of myself.
I felt that snapping feeling….that rage….that feeling like u just want to bash your head against the wall……and was it worth it? No!! But you know what…..being a sick mom at home with a needy baby is hard!big ups to you single mom’s!!!RESPECT!!!!
So yes….today….I lost my shit…no one can prepare you for the ups and downs of parent hood! But its okay to loose your shit…not everyday…but once in a while….all the women on the front of the pregnant magazines all smiles and perfect skin and hair…..wait….you will loose your shit soon enough.
What really topped it off..I lay my daughter for a nap after our little shit fit and she fell asleep holding my hand….thanks izabella…mom really feels bad now!!!
This is my first vent post and now I need some motivation because I feel like the boogyman…stealing happiness away…and I feel like death is knocking at my door waiting to loose its shit all over me!!!!

Im not a bad mom…..I think im a freaken amazing mom…..who lost her shit crying as I type this but no one can hear me with no voice LOL