Little Monster

Kaylyn had a ball with her cake smash.


Happy Birthday little one!!!!!!

Easter Bunny

Best Friends

One of my biggest fears when i was pregnant was that my 2 dogs would not adjust to Izabella. And i was also scared Izabella would be a bully to the dogs and i wouldnt know how to discipline her. These 2 were basically the babies in the house….the day i walked out the house on the day of my C section, i was overcome with fear and i was very overwhelmed.

During my pregnancy, Baloo (my pug) became very attached to my stomach and Izabella loved having his body against my tummy.

When Bella was born, Baloo and Cammie were so curious.
Baloo knew EXACTLY what she was. As she got older, her and Baloo have just gotten closer and closer.
He encouraged her to walk, to crawl, to play, and she even got her confidence back after an incident at her previous school. When Bella slept in her cot, Baloo was next to it.
Bella is nearly 2 and i have never seen such a beautiful bond like Izabella and Baloo. My heart is so proud that my fiance and i have raised a beautiful soul and an animal lover. Izabella always finds the animals at any destination she is at.

This is something she will look back on one day and say she had a best friend, a pet, a shoulder to cry on, a tea party friend, a cuddle buddy and a hot water bottle 

We take life for granted and so busy with work and life, we dont take a step back and see how beautiful our lives really are. Im so blessed and i thank God everyday for my beautiful blessed family and my amazing, beautiful daughter!!!!