Family Time

What a chilled way to end my Sunday.

This lovely family welcomed me into their home for a family shoot


Tantrums from a ferral 2 Year old.

So my daughter hit 2 on the 10 of June.
Just take that in for a min…….yes 2!!!
So the tantrums and copying has started in full force.

So last weekend we went to have some fun at Carnival city and on the way out i thought it would be great to go to sweets from heaven….BIG MISTAKE. My daughter grabbed every sweet possible not understand she has to wait..and what does her FATHER do? He picks up the beast and tells her NO YOU CANT!!! She looked at him with the “B?!ch say whaaaaaat” look…..she let out this biggest scream alive…..

I did the most terrible thing ever…i turned around and pretend shes not mine…..yes terrible me…..her dad dragged her out after security came running thinking she was being kidnapped.

I saw this lady stand and stare at my hubby with disgust and looked at me…..i shook my head and i said “flip these kids with tantrums” and turned back around……yes i threw him under the bus.

Now before you go judge…just picture yourself at my state….i feel completely bad for it because i know its difficult controlling your childs tantrums in public but at that time i did it in panic….

So i bought her a foil baloon and everything was ok with the world.

So….word of advice…when you see a child with a tantrum (obviously not a 18 year old) know the parents are doing their best in the scenario and dont judge..because judging makes us feel worse……and just keep your judgmental looks and whispering for when you home.
RESPECT to the moms who keep their cool… RESPECT to moms who ignore tantrums…RESPECT to moms who dont go out for this reason!!!!!!RESPECT to the moms who talk through their teeth with threats!!!

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