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Best Company

So my daughter hasnt slept for 3 nights solid….shes awake from 11pm until 5am and then she falls asleep but its time to wake up by then. Shes been teething bad so her nose has been a bit blocked. So I put her straight in the bed with me last night and as tired and […]


So if u all remember im the mom who….LOST MY SHIT last Friday with my daughter. Well today…out of nowhere she was sitting on the couch with me and she did something amazing. Leaned across my lap..looked up at me..pointed and said mamma with her bunny teeth in sight!!! Never in my life did I […]

Today I lost my sh&%!!!!

There are times in parent hood where u simply fall apart….im serious….if u havent yet its still coming. If you have then you know what im talking about. You’re exhausted,you pull in too many directions and get pushed too far. It always builds up with lack of sleep,always being needed,no help in your household,life stress […]