Our hearts

RIP Coal


Bringing a guardian angel to life, now the kids can see their fur baby will always be watching over them!!

I know that you must miss me,
By the tears rolling down your face.
But believe me when I tell you that,
I’m in a very good place.

There are meadows here to run in,
There are other dogs to play with,
and lots of friends to chase.

So please don’t worry about me,
My spirit feels light as can be.
There’s no more pain to plague me,
I’m young again and free.

And I’ll be watching over you still,
of that you can be sure.
I’m your canine guardian angel,
And my love for you remains pure.

So smile and remember the good times,and remember i am here.

Love: Your Canine Guardian Angel, Coal

A True Friend, A Priceless Treasure

Took some time with my own fur babies……and they posed so nice for me 😀

Cambria (My Pekingese)

Baloo (My Pug)


Four Legged Christmas

Judy welcomed me into her home to take some christmas pics of her furbabies.


I must say……….Great Danes are not easy 😀