Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

It was so fun not only for my child but also for me as a parent to see my child comfortable. Tanisha made my child feel so safe and calm. she gave him a lot of choices and made him feel like he was leading the photo shoot. that helped alot with his people skills and for him to feel he has a say. he enjoyed his shoot so much. thank you so much for doing what you do. you’re work leaves me speechless.

Sandy Sands Cockrell

Tanisha did a fantasy session for my son who is 6 years old and is bullied for his imagination. We did not know what to expect as Aiden does not like people besides myself and my husband. Tanisha sat with Aiden for about an hour talking about stories and what he loves. Aiden warmed up so well and cried when Tanisha left our home. I cannot explain the amazing results Tanisha presented and it was EXACTLY what Aiden explained. I cannot express how much we appreciate taking your time with Aiden and making his imagination come to life. Aiden is now in a different school but his confidence has changed because he has seen Peter pan is real, there is magic in the stars, pirate ships fly out the sea and dinosaurs are his friends! Thank you Tanisha, may you be blessed for years to come!

Megan Coetzee

Tanisha did a star wars session for my daughter with Leukaemia. She has been a very sick little girl and being a single dad and a star wars fan, Tanisha just blew my mind with the images she created for my daughter. Tanisha admitted she has not watched star wars but she would sit and do some research..well, she could have fooled me because Tanisha nailed the session and the designs.

I will forever be grateful for giving my daughter this burst of confidence even when she was terribly sick during the session, Tanisha took her time and comforted us. I wish I could give you 10 star for your effort and creativity! Photoshop magician for sure.

Thorin Anderson

This was the most special photo shoot, done. Tanisha Fourie, your patience, care, and unique strategies in capturing Ayaan’s story, so beautifully, just fills my heart.

Each and every photo has so much meaning and deepness.

Thank you, for helping us create ” Ayaan’s heart journey” in a picture story, that will live forever. May Angelic Ice Fantasy and Styled Photography, be blessed, and prosper in leaps.

Seshma Bhoopal

Amazing work from an amazing photographer. Very patient and works very well with kids. Her ambitions in her life is to stop bullying and I be leave she well achieve her goals. Thnx u Tanisha

Prieshka Ramcharun

Tanisha is an absolute pleasure to work with she so passionate about what she does. And her work speaks for itself. Editing guru ❤we loved the shoot from start to end.

Manisha Lakhna

Awesome photos of our Super Hero Family shoot. My son gave so many orders of what he wanted, you kept your promise to him and delivered even better than what we expected. I love the pictures, once again thank you so much.

Wendy Buck

I’m absolutely delighted with Tanisha’s work. what an amazing job. I will definitely recommend angelic ice photography. keep up the good work Tanisha.

Dineshree Govender

I’d give you 10 starts if I could. Your work is out of this world! You have the most incredible imagination and your attention to the finest detail made pictures beyond my greatest expectations. Mikaela was so sick the day of her shoot and I didn’t think you got any useful pictures and then we got your work and she looks peaceful and like nothing was at all wrong that day. I can highly recommend you! You are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so very much for your dedication and hard work.

Mignon O'Meara

By far the best photographer I ever saw in my life

Yolandi van der Merwe

Most beautiful superhero session I have ever experienced. My daughter was comfortable and the results were amazing

Rochelle Gouws

By Far the Best Photoshoot ?I have done for my Kids ??..Creativity was on point ? Absolutely Magical ?

Your work is absolutely Phenomenal? We were amazed by each and every photo and the different fantasy backgrounds the transformation from one photo to the next blown away ?

Highly recommended? Service and Photos ?% Professional

Anderson Karishma Govender

Absolutely the best PHOTOGRAPHER !!!! She does everything with so much love and pride.???

Daniel Schultz

We recently did the most amazing super hero photoshoot with Tanisha. She is a delightful individual, patient and respectful. I have 3 little boys aged 2, 4 and 5 and half. Doing anything especially a photoshoot with all 3 is quite a challenge.

Tanisha really took a her time. She offered to do the shoot at my home , in my kids own space where they are comfortable. Which, I cannot explain how wonderful that is, no stressing to get them ready, managing feed and sleep time, travel time. It elevates alot of stress. She even responded to my numerous WhatsApp’s.

Tanisha came prepared with the outfits and props and a book of poses for the boys to choose from. Allowing them to get involved and make it their own. They kept insisting on seeing the pics she took as she took them. I was pleasantly surprised how calm Tanisha was and accommodating. Allowing them to see the pics or go off and have their tantrum or shy moment.

Through all the drama and meltdowns she was able capture some amazing moments and most importantly memories and make them truly a work of art.

Thank you Tanisha. Your work is remarkable. We absolutely love it and will definitely be calling you again.

Michelle Naicker

Wow such talent and amazing work, well done , love your Photography it’s definitely the best work I’ve seen by far?

Jannis Tamarah Mahass,

All I can say is wow!!! You are amazing and your work is phenomenal!!! The transformation from one photo to another is spectacular…If I didn’t see it myself…I would not have believed it. Will recommend you to anyone

Nicolette Van Der Merwe,

Absolutely recommend! Tanisha helped my daughters dreams come true!? In love with our photos!

Tarryn Jade Keating,

“We had the most amazing pics created from our superhero shoot, my boys had so much of fun, Tanisha was absolutely professional and patient, ensuirng that my boys were always having fun, relaxed and happy, it was a super shoot indeed, I would recommend her to everyone”

Shinaaz Dean

“We had a lovely experience you are simply amazing.
Hudson was like an angel the way you handled and made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot was incredible.

Thank you for our amazing experience and photos we absolutely love them.”

Bianca Jonker

“I just loved how she worked with Lynnmari. Her passion for photography goes way beyond just perfect. My daughter suffers from Rare diseases and the battle is one I cant always put into words. But this lovely lady put the fighting spirit back in Lynnmari. For once my Child could see she is truely a warrior. And her super power is being brave just like Wonderwoman. And her quality is amazing truely amazing.”

Wirths Rina

“Tanisha is an amazing photographer that captures the soul in every object! Her photography is not eye candy- IT IS SOUL-FOOD!”

Celeste Loubser

“i am absolutely inlove with the beautiful fantasy shoot that was done with my little girl .. the photos are absolutely extraordinary.. the attention to detail and beauty of them is really amazing … thank you so so much..”

Sasha-Lee McLaren

“Thank you VERY MUCH for a AWESOME photoshoot!! We had so much fun! Stunning location!! Stunning photos!! And thank you for for the quick response with the photos!! Will definitely do another shoot soon!!!! Will definitely recommend you to anyone!!”

Paula Coetzer

“Awesome service….. Great pics. Very talented lady.”

Miranda Farah

“Thanks a lot for capturing our memories, you exceeded our expectations.”

Palesa Seshabela, Your Content Goes Here

“She has a passion for her job and has the most patients with little babies . Her work is stunning thank you soo much”

Monique Moss, Your Content Goes Here

“Thank you for an amazing shoot. Was worried that my 9 month old wouldn’t cooperate but you were so patient and made the fruit shoot such fun “

Jessica Berman

“Great with kids, friendly, talented and totally amazing end product. Highly recommend”

Alicia Harding Scheepers

“Thank you for a Awesome shoot and most of all our beautiful pics… The are perfect. Thank you so much…..”

Chantelle Anderson

“I loved every minute of the shoot

I think your work is great will surely use your service again”

Lavanya Moodley

“Thank you so much Tanisha for the beautiful photographs. Although the kids were so difficult you still produced beautiful photos, thank you for that. We look forward to using you for our next photo shoot”

Ashleigh Meiring

“Thank you Tanisha for our beautiful photos, we enjoyed every minute of the session. Your service and photos are 100% professional.”

Nadia van Dyk

Tanisha is an amazing photographer. Absolutely stunning photos taken of our ‘fur-kids’ with a cheerful Christmas theme. She is professional and waited patiently to capture the perfect image. Thank you Tanisha!

Lindsey Joubert Smith, Your Content Goes Here